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Overdub recording

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asked Feb 20, 2021 in Recording by abdulmajeedbatarfi (490 points)

In studio one , when recording  layers , all previous layers will be muted while recording the top layer, i suggest to add a feature that allow us to unmute the previous layers while recording another take simultaneously.

this feature known as (Overdub) in most of loop station devices such as (Headrush looperboard & Boss RC10R) . and its rely helpful  in practicing and song writing .

please see how it works in the videos below :

Headrush looper board         

Boss RC10R                           .

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answered Feb 21, 2021 by tothrec (31,720 points)
Sounds like a good Feature Request.  Can you add that tag so it shows up on Presonus' radar when we vote it up?
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answered Feb 21, 2021 by abdulmajeedbatarfi (490 points)
thanks , Tothrec for your replay and vote.

and  how can i add a tag please?

i've already  select (overdub ) tags from the tag list . is that what you mean?
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answered Nov 22 by philbrannigan (150 points)
I would really like this for MIDI tracks. I want to record (let's say) 8 bars that are tricky for me to play. There are chords, a bass note, and a melody, all of which need to sound like they were played on the same keyboard by one person in one take. I want to cheat and play the chords and bass note in one take, and then go back and play the melody over the top of it, ideally in the same track as I'm using a fairly power-hungry virtual instrument that I'd rather not duplicate if I can avoid it. However, I want the melody to appear in its own block so I can quantise it independently, copy and paste it elsewhere in the track etc.