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Play Underlying Track Audio When Recording Overdubs

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asked Feb 24, 2020 in Editing by sjandrews32 (220 points)
Apparently this was referred to in Cakewalk Sonar as Sound on Sound functionality. This is partly possible by having Play Overlaps turned on and Replace down at the bottom menu turned off. The only thing it won't do is play the underlying audio on the track while recording over the top of it. Here's the scenario:

I'm using a guitar to record the verse part of a song, I record it and stop just after the end of the verse. I now want to record the chorus part after that on the same track. In Sonar (and probably other software) you could just move back a few second and hit record again and it would overlap the end of the verse while playing the end of the verse underneath so I could hear when to start playing without using a pre-roll or auto punch. To me pre-roll / auto punch seems like a work around.

I would like to officially request a button or check mark box for "Play Underlying Track Audio When Recording Overdubs"

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please Please Please Please Please

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answered Feb 25, 2020 by sjandrews32 (220 points)

I just found out that Reaper has this option.

They have an option called "Monitor track media when recording"

Their manual says "If you do this when punching in, say, a guitar or vocals, regular Monitor Input will cause you to hear both the existing and the new material right up to the punch, and during the punch.