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one click- auto-punch-in

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asked Mar 22, 2020 in Recording by kurtackerman (100 points)
retagged Mar 22, 2020 by kurtackerman

Something came up that was never a concern in my over 20 years of DAW recording. I want to click in the timeline, press record, have a click count the band in and begin recording right from where I have the cursor. Today, Presonus Studio One does not do this. Let me add some detail. If you want to record and use a click to uh...count the musicians in, you can't. OK, you can if you want to do it from a bar, but not a beat. I can't start a recording from a beat if I want to use a click to count me in? Correct. I've verified this with Lawrence Farr from support in a live session. His comment, " What you're seeing is the current behavior related to pre-count, and that it always starts recording on a bar line."

EXAMPLE: I want to record from bar 10 beat 3. I want to hear a click so we all know when to start playing. What ends up happening is that the record position will switch to bar 10 beat 1 and record from there. You can't start a simple recording function from a beat. Is this clear? Imagine a real rehearsal with a real band. The drummer counts everyone in with the sticks and the band starts playing on 4. Simple. Presonus S1 doesn't do this now if you want to record what you're playing. (version 4.6 pro)

Why? I view this as arbitrary pre-roll, which we don't need, because we're professional enough to handle it. Somehow the logic built into the code is tied to the click or pre-count, which for some reason only snaps to a bar. 

My request is to add functionality so that when using a count-in or pre-count, the cursor does not automatically change position and move to the previous bar line. Please allow me to start recording from anywhere I want.

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