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RM32 AI sound on ethernet cable ( RJ45 )

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asked Nov 21, 2015 in Ai Mixers by philippeperie (160 points)

I have an rm 32AI.

I need to use it on concert and i want to have music from my macbook ( VLC, logic and other ) before and after concert.The macbook will be not on stage. I use it to mix sound with one ipad air.

I know that wireless connection does not "carry" sound.

And what about ethernet cable ?

What is the good choice to hear music from my laptop. Maybe the firewire 800 is the only solution, but I want to keep my rm32AI on stage and not near the laptop. I don't know if a 20 meters  firewire 800 can  work fine.





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answered Nov 24, 2015 by matthewgorman (51,980 points)
selected Dec 12, 2015 by AlexTinsley
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Audio over ethernet is only available currently in a dante configuration, with additional hardware and software needed.


In your current environment there appear to be 2 options. Firewire is one, and you can configure the mac to use the digital return on the mixer, keeping all inputs free. A good option for this would be to load itunes on the mac, and use itunes remote on the ipad for music control via wifi. Second option would be a series of cables, adapters to run from the headphone jack on the computer to the rca connectors on the mixer. A firewire connection as long as you mention may not work. Runs of that long are not supported, so you are on your own to get it to work.