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Distorted or zero sound in Studio One 3.5.4

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asked Jan 20, 2018 in Studio One 3 by marcbullard (120 points)
No sound from any virtual instrument, faint and highly distorted sound while recording/playback of simple computer audio as a test.

Using 1-year usage HP Elitebook 8760w 2.5GHz QuadCore i7-2860QM with  32GB RAM, Windows 7 Pro 64bit SP1.

Switched to Studio One 3.5.4 when helped into the Presonus dingy straight out of the SONAR shipwreck waters; VST synth instruments would work initially upon install and after installing Presonus Studio One drivers for Nektar Impact LX88. Using ASIO Windows system audio drivers, no interface.

Both SONAR and Studio One experience the same strange hi-freq wandering "whistle" contaminating the audio stream which comes and goes after a bit of time, and goes away temporarily if I select/activate/ding one of the two mix faders in the sound icon at the lower right Windows task bar. Two Windows system mix faders display, phones and computer speakers. The "No-Windows audio" issue has been solved (having YouTube tutorials & S1 up simultaneously) by releasing audio devices in background.  I can see response from instrument input in Studio One but no sound from the instrument(s) and hear corrupted sounding audio when I try to record short snipits of audio from the computer system (YouTube/CD) for audible instrument reference example/sound bytes within songs.

Using: Communications Headphones (5- IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) for "Playback Device", and Stereo Mix (5- IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) for "Recording Device" in S1 Options.

Could this be sample rates, or competing drivers?

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