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My Quantum just won't connect

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asked Jan 21, 2018 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by michaelstram (290 points)
After several restarts of the quantum and either my MacBook Pro or iMac, the quantum just sits there in the red. I mover the 30 day return policy at zounds. So before I throw this in the river, are others having the same issue? Does any persons hardware work? This is not cheap. It's $1000 and thats not easy to come by.

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answered Jan 23, 2018 by connorguiberteau (20,310 points)
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Make sure your cables are actual Thunderbolt cables and not DisplayPort cables. Some people have accidentally forced their thunderbolt cables in upside down, so make sure that the Thunderbolt logo is faceup.
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answered Jan 21, 2018 by williamgagnon (1,610 points)
I had the exact same problem when I first hooked it up.   After I updated the firmware I rebooted about 10 times and it just stayed red.   Then, I did it and disconnected the power cable and the thunderbolt cable for 10 seconds, when I rebooted then, It worked.   I hope that helps.
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answered Jan 23, 2018 by michaelstram (290 points)
No dice! This thing is a paper weight. Presonus is not giving any help. Zzounds won't take it back. I have a 1000 piece of **** in my rack.

It won't stay connected to any of my computers for even a **** hour. I've had it with this company. I'm sorry.
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answered Jan 29, 2018 by williamgagnon (1,610 points)
there is one more thing.   I built my computer from scratch, had to buy the pce card to connect thunderbolt and had to buy a special adaptor to run the Quantum because, the Quantum is thunderbolt 2 and my computer is thunderbolt 3.   that might be your problem.  If you want I can give you the specs on what I had to get to make it work.
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answered Jun 30, 2018 by davidbenko1 (140 points)

If your running High Siera on the Mac, there is a new "Feature" that blocks the UC software, as soon as I allowed it in the Security and Privacy settings and ran the UC software, it came right up. Hope that helps, took me hours of research to find the article that had the answer.