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Can I adjust parameters for "Delete Short Notes?"

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asked Jan 21 in Studio One 3 by griffhamlin (160 points)
In the MIDI Editor, there are 2 very cool features (coming from Sonar, and so far generally impressed) which are, "Delete Double Notes," and "Delete Short Notes."

Since I often input MIDI with a Fishman TriplePlay guitar controller, I often get small notes that are not meant to be there. However, about half the time it appears they are longer than a "Short Note," and they do not get deleted by that command.

In Sonar, there was a way to select all notes by specific parameters - within a certain range, certain velocities, certain duration, etc. I cannot see any way to adjust what a "short note" is, nor can I find any way to select all notes in a track based on specific parameters like was in Sonar.

Any suggestions on how to do either of those things? Or, is there a different workflow that I'm unaware of to solve this problem?

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answered Jan 26 by PreSonuSupt4 (198,800 points)
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There's no current way to adjust the target size for Delete Short Notes, and Studio One doesn't currently have midi logical editing features.

The latter most likely already exists as a feature request and if so, please vote it up.