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Artist Booster Pack for Studio One 2

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asked Jan 31 in Studio One 2 by marcodeco (160 points)

Hello everyone,

I have the Artist version of Studio One 2.6.5, and I wanted to buy the Artist Booster Pack. However, in the shop page it says that it is "Compatible only with Studio One Artist (version 3.3.3 or higher)".

Can I still use it with my version? Otherwise, is there a solution similar to that bundle for Studio One 2 (that doesn't involve upgrading to S1 Professional)? I'm mainly interested in the 3rd party plugin and mp3 support.

Thanks in advance!

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answered Feb 3 by jonnylipsham (8,140 points)
selected Feb 5 by marcodeco
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Unfortunately, the only solution for you would be to upgrade to Artist 3.5.5 and then purchase the add-on that unlocks 3rd party plugin support.