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How to send various midi data to the same instance of a virtual instrument

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asked Jan 31, 2018 in Studio One 3 by marcelorodrigues (200 points)
In Sonar I'm midi tracks and instrument tracks are independent. So I'm able to have several tracks with different midi channels and all of those goes to just an instance of a virtual instrument.

Example: I'm used to have one midi track for each instrument of a string section. So Violins have a midi track routed to a EW Play with strings on channel one. Violas have a midi track routed to the SAME EW Play but with violas on channel 2. Cellos, midi channel routed to the SAME EW Play with cellos on channel 3. And so on and so forth. I can then have another instance (or even another instrument) for the horns and trumpets on channel 1, trombones on 2, etc. That means, when working with a orchestral score for instance I can have one instance of a given instrument to play the whole section, instead of having one instrument for each midi track.

Can I do something like that on S13?

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answered Jan 31, 2018 by connorholcombe (2,450 points)
Yes. Simply:

1. Create however many separate instrument tracks you wish to have
2. Drop whatever instrument you like on the first instrument track (for this example let's say it's Studio One's Presence)
3. In the instrument output section (directly under the volume control) your instrument track will now say 'Presence'
4. On all other instrument tracks you click the instrument output drop down and select 'Presence'
5. You're done! You can now write independent MIDI parts on each instrument track that will be played on the same instance of Presence

Hope this helps!