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Universal Control 2.5.2 on Mac High Sierra not opening all devices

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asked Feb 5 in Ai Mixers by snmchicago (150 points)
For me Universal Control was working perfectly with my StudioLive 24 using firewire cable.

I recently upgraded my Mac to High Sierra. After the upgrade , I also updated by Universal Control to 2.5.2

But since upgrade UC is not able to show all devices. All those menu options are disabled.

I cross checked on Mixer and on computer for all steps as listed in

But when I start UC everything seems disabled

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answered Feb 8 by jonnydoyle (26,140 points)
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Apple have made changes in how the drivers are installed. Please see the following for installation Issues with FireStudio Series on High Sierra Mac OSX 10.13


Please note that the warning on the first screen shot may not show unless you uninstall and reinstall Universal Control. You will only have 30mins from the time you install Universal Control to give  the exception required to install.