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Can StdioLive AR22 run with 1818VSL together to create a 30 chanel mix in Studio One?

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asked Feb 11 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by gregkrukemeier (120 points)
I recently purchased a Studio Live 22AR usb, but also own a 1818VSL and Digimax FS.  Is there a way to combine/run together the 22AR and 1818VSL to create a 30 track mix in Studio one or will the drivers be conflicting with each other.  I know the 1818VSL no longer runs as a stand alone with the updated Universal Control/Driver, "but it has been more stable fyi"....  If not, is there a way to network two PC's running Windows 10 Professional 64bit to create a single Studio One Session with both Devices creating a 30 Track Mix????????

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