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A xml sheet music resource for Notion

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asked Feb 12 in Notion by walterdellinger (520 points)
I have been looking for a resource for sheet music in xml format but can't find anything for pop/rock music with a 4-5 part ensemble for popular songs. I would like to import an arrangement of strings, woodwinds, etc., as to build around an ensemble to export to Studio One and finish a production with new ideas. For example, an xml score with violin, cello, flute, piano, for the song Calling Occupants, by the Carpenters. The score will be edited in Notion with the different parts and sent to Studio One to continue building the production with other instruments. I have found some sites with a piano/guitar sheet music but no more than that or comprehensive. Thanks

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answered Apr 12 by brianmeisner1 (164,010 points)
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A lot of the online music that is in MusicXML or MIDI format are public domain works.  This would be classical pieces in which the composer has been deceased for over 75 years.  You still have to be careful though.  Much of the modern works of pop/rock music are copyrighted, which prohibits the unauthorized reproduction.  You may want to post this question in the forum at and see if someone might have some further insight into your request.