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How to remove missing devices?

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asked Feb 13, 2018 in Studio One 3 by maxaxenov (160 points)
I have a project, that was created on other machine, so when I open it on my system it crashes when song trying to load melodyne stuff. I really need to open this song, so I have removed melodyne temporarily. Now I can open this stuff, but after load song, Studio shows me message about missing devices like "Melodyne FX track on some audio tracks", which is logical. So I need to remove this melodyne tracks, but I just can't find them, in bunch of tracks in pool.

How can I say to Studio One, that it's ok with this missing devices (Melodyne), just forget about them and remove any stuff that associated with them?

After this I will reinstall Melodyne and hope it will open.

My system: MacBook Pro 13 2015, Studio One 3.5.1

1 Answer

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answered Feb 13, 2018 by maxaxenov (160 points)
I solve this problem. Find file in the pool, select on track, press right button and find event FX, then select Melodyne and remove it