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Make Every Knob of Mai-Tai Modulatable

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asked Feb 15, 2018 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by carlosgriffin (420 points)
Sometimes I'll have a great sound coming out of Mai Tai by tweaking a particular knob so I think I'll modulate that with the LFO and Lo! and Behold, that knob is not available to modulate.

PLEASE MAKE EVERY KNOB OF MAI TAI MODULATABLE...Including the mod matrix amount sliders -
And maybe some visual feedback as to the amount of modulation amount you've dialled in without having to look at the midi controller assign section
OH and being able to punch in specific amounts too with numbers.

I don't want to have to sit there and record automation myself or use the draw tool - the latter of which would take for ever to find those sweet spots.

I wanna play with the LFO and hear those Serendipitous Sounds of Glorious Modulation wash over my lug-holes (ears).

Also maybe more LFOs or, the ability to select external sources for LFOs - maybe there is a way to do this, i'm still a noob so i've yet to discover it.

Anyway ... oh and a more comprehensive manual please. I like instruction books. I like sifting through and finding useful nuggets that I wasnt aware of. I dont like having to find those nuggets in a 10 minute youtube video that spends 9 minutes getting to the point.

Thankyou very much ta.

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answered Mar 29, 2018 by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
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