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Can I delete Notion 6 since I will not work in V5

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asked Jul 8, 2020 in Studio One 5 by purpose (270 points)
Keep getting Rewire system library is too old when Starting V5. Can I delete Notion 6 and the Rewire system?


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answered Jul 8, 2020 by timtaylor12 (600 points)
From the startup screen in Notion 6, select the "File" menu. then "Preferences".

On the screen that pops up, un-check the box next to "Enable ReWire". This should fix your issue. There's also an upgrade for Notion 6 that may fix it as well..........
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answered Jul 13, 2020 by pm41 (320 points)
timtaylor12's solution fixed it for me
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answered Jul 15, 2020 by johnyezeguielian (510 points)
edited Jul 15, 2020 by johnyezeguielian
I just got it to install and run. Here's what *I* did. You may not have to go quite this far back but's worth it to know , IMO, that it can work right this way. PS EDIT: It STILL gives me "Cannot find the plug-in Play; make sure it is installed and enabled in the plug-in manager." so it's still not particularly useable for me, but at least it didn't crash on launch this time.  SO IDK if this will do you any good or not.

I have multiple HDs so I did a computer-wide search for all references to Notion, deleted them and emptied the trash.

Then, going to Older versions and starting back in 6.0, I reinstalled each consecutively, telling Mac OS to keep both.  I checked each along the way, then quit it, and downloaded and installed the next, keeping the previous each time.  It was a shock to see that 6.7 now works too.

Now if I could get it to figure out where the sounds for it are and work with SO pro.. :)