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Sync existing score in Notion 6 to my midi/audio keyboard input as I play

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asked May 8, 2018 in Notion by brianbeattie (120 points)
Objective:  Create a video what shows on the screen me playing a digital keyboard and the Notion 6 score advancing to my playing

Question:  I have an existing piano score open in Notion 6.   I want the transport playhead to advance based on my performance of the score note by note, which often is a little off from the score's stated tempo.  Even better, I would like this to happen in real time while I'm recording the piece in Logic Pro X with Notion connected as a ReWire slave.   Can anyone share tips on how to do this with the most efficient workflow?

At the present time I use a two step process   1) Record my keyboard in Logic, then 2) Perform my score in Notion using NTempo taps while listening to a replay of my recording in Logic and using Screenflow to record the screen capture of the score moving in continuous mode.  It is not an accurate process to keep the score in sync to my playing.  

Computer:  Macbook Pro

Software:  High Sierra OS,  Logic Pro X,  Notion 6.   For screen capture and video editing:   Screenflow 7, Final Cut Pro X


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answered Jun 7, 2018 by ChrisS23 (13,770 points)
The most efficient workflow would be to get a friend to play the NTempo taps, therefore accompanying and following your performance in realtime. Nothing like another human to perform with!

If not, you could also set a different MIDI note in MIDI Device Commands - and use a foot pedal or other type of switch to advance the beat.