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No output sound from 26x26 Firestudio on windows 7

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asked Feb 24, 2018 in Legacy Interfaces by florian2 (160 points)

Hi, I just got a 26x26 and all input are working fine put I can't get any output to work... I'm using windows 7. at first, main out was working but on mono(same signal left and right), so I try to install other driver and since then no more ouput at all, even in mono and I can't get back to the previous driver without having the boarf not recognized at all by my laptop... It seems from what I understand is that it's link to the console mixer not showing on Uc greater than 1.2.1. The problem is that only 1.2.2 and above seems to be availabe on the presonus download page... How can I get older drivers? maybe someone no a way to get my ouptut to work?

firmware inside my 26x26:

firmware 31 7 0 0
fpga -554970615
FS universdal 1.0
Driver version

Does those value tell somethingto someone?
It seems to me that's the board was never updated at all so it's impossible for it to communicate with windows 7... does someone know a way to update it ?

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answered Oct 18, 2018 by AlexTinsley (923,270 points)
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The last supported release for this product was: 

Universal Control v1.2.2715, Driver v3.5.5

Newer versions of UC do not support this product. 

To get a better answer to your question you might have better luck posting a request in the PreSonus community forums and/or searching there for a solution. 

Also be sure to go through the FireStudio (2626) User Manual. Configuring the mixer / control panel can be problematic if not configured properly.