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Importing, syncing, quantizing individual wav files from another recorder

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asked Jul 15, 2018 in Studio One 3 by DrBobbyArrow (160 points)
Hello all - I'm trying to do some work in Studio One 3 on a song recorded in a Mackie digital recorder.  I was sent wav files of the individual tracks, and have imported them into Studio One.  First problem: the tracks all started at slightly  different times, so to sync them I ended up having to line them up manually.  For things like drum tracks and bass it wasn't too hard; for background vocals it was dodgy.  What I'd like to do now is map a tempo onto the tracks, since I'd like to be able to cut and paste measures (the performances are far from professional) and would also like to quantize things.  There was no metronome or time marker of any kind, and the tempo is far from steady.  I've tried fooling around with quantizing the drums (four tracks: kick, snare and stereo overheads, with lots of bleed), but am afraid of knocking all the other tracks out of whack, and anyway my attempts at quantizing seemed to make things worse!  In fact, I really don't know how to go about this at all!  In the past I've always started with midi drums; this is my first experience with audio wav files recorded outside of Studio One.  I'm sure other people have done similar things, i.e., imported individual tracks as audio files with no time markers.  I'd appreciate some clues as to what a good approach might be.

I'm running Studio One Artist on a PC with Windows 7.

Thanks for any help!


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answered Dec 11, 2022 by mattsyracuse (260 points)
Similarly, I have several tracks with different start / end times, although they need to be synchronized. In the file system, I can see what the start times are, but that is not visible within Studio One 5 Artist. Each musician's track may be a different length, but all playing together for some portion of the session - which consists of several songs, not just one.

ie. Guitar, Bass, Drums start together, then 3 minutes later the Keyboard joins, then 2 min after that, the Sax joins. How can I align all these tracks?