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Instant MIDI Remote Assignment By Holding Mouse and Turning MIDI Knob

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asked Mar 10, 2018 in Studio One 3 by ewb (650 points)
Linking MIDI knobs with their VST targets via the Focus interface is unnecessarily obtuse - there is a lot of clicking back and forth. Re-assigning a knob is also problematic - you must first turn the hardware knob that is already assigned (unintentionally changing its current VST target's value), click the new desired VST target and then click the "link" button.

It would be more efficient and intuitive if clicking and holding the mouse on your VST knob / slider / etc entered a "Quick Assignment Mode", in which case it would listen for incoming MIDI CCs and immediately link.

This mode should be optional, as the majority of time you are clicking a VST's controls you are not attempting to assign hardware controllers. The option to momentarily engage "Quick Assignment Mode" should be assignable to key commands and/or always function on Mouse 3 (middle click).

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answered Mar 11, 2018 by niles (54,490 points)
selected May 21, 2018 by AlexTinsley
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For my on the fly assign encoder I use an alternative method. I assigned the command Assign Current Parameter to a button on my control device (keyboard/mouse shortcut works too). This way I can simply assign the parameter under the mouse cursor to the current active external controller without needing to mouse around. Depending on the external device's button behavior you can decide for yourself if you want to use a toggle or hold method. Alternatively Mouse-Over for the recently touched parameters can be enabled to make it even quicker (3rd party plugins should support it).

Just a tip!