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Faderport or Studio Live Mixer Reflect Fader Flip Studio One v6

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asked Nov 14, 2022 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by timflanzbaum (480 points)
Flip Fadrs is a great add to Studio One version 6, but those of us with hardware controllers like the Faderports or Studio Live Mixers won't have the controller's flip as well. It woul dbe great if as you flip faders, the controllers would follow as well.

I am aware that at least the fader port does have an option to adjust the send amount via the faders by pressing a button on the controller, but if I'm in the DAW and activate flip, I would like the controller to follow along with me and remove the extra step(s).

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answered Dec 29, 2022 by lgbgnlhq (1,520 points)
I was expecting to see this option on the Faderport and Remote control. This is one of the reasons I haven't bought the Faderport yet.