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How do I set Studio One 3 multiple outs for Apollo 16?

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asked Mar 12 in Studio One 3 by benmclaughlin1 (120 points)
Hi, Ive just hooked up my S1 MBP with an apollo 16 via TB and need to set multiple outs of the DAW to the apollo (the apollo is connected to/from summing a mixer via db25)

I thought going to S1 I/O setup and adding outputs to match the Apollo and routing a audio/instrument track to say A Line 1-16 would send a signal to Apollo on corresponding output would be the process, but Im obviously missing something as Im still only getting a stereo signal to summing mixer.

Any help appreciated, even if its just to confirm the S1 side of things is fine

Thanks, Ben

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answered Mar 13 by danielbayer (2,000 points)
After you've set up all physical outputs in the I/O setup you only need to create an output bus for every physical out that you want to use in the console. Make sure, that every audio channel and every FX channel is routed to one if these busses! Then you choose the appropriate physical out for each of the busses as its output (at the top of the bus) and you should be fine.

After that you may hide the output busses, if you don't want to see them in the console.

This video explains the process in detail: