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I updated my UAD apollo quad firewire, but my effect are not showing up in Studio One 3.3

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asked Aug 29, 2016 in Studio One 3 by robertandroscoedowns (180 points)
recategorized Aug 29, 2016 by -Luis-
I wanted to know what to do to get my plug-ins to work

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answered Aug 31, 2016 by BoiShadow (400 points)
Easiest way is to clear the vst black list. if that doesn't work u can delete and reinstall the UAD software lastly u can deleteS1 setting folder which should fix any problems u have with your Apollo plugins.

Try each step in that order to see if the following step is needed and hopefully it works.

*don't forget that when u got to delete S1 settings folder all your settings will be erased like a fresh install*