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Add automation for "solo", "record" and "monitoring" of tracks

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asked Jun 27, 2022 in Recording by (630 points)
It would be really useful if you added the possibility to automate the "solo," the "monitoring" and the "record" of the track through the automation track.

I'm trying Studio One because up to now I'm a nuendo user and for very big live performances it's something I already do by creating a midi port on IAC on OSX and then sending from a track midi cc back into DAW (where these controls are mapped globally).

I saw there is already the possibility to automate the "mute", so why not add those too? Especially in uses of the live software they would be fantastic and would make the difference for studio one compared to other software where the only way to automate these parameters is the one described above!

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answered Jan 23 by petesandoukas (150 points)
i second the addition of automatable solo function