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Separate arm and monitor toggle for "Instrument input follows selection"

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asked Jun 28, 2021 in Recording by felixolschewski (450 points)

If you activate "Instrument input follows selection" the selection of an instrument track will trigger both "arm" and "monitor". I would prefer not to automatically record on whichever track is selected, though.
If I deactivate that option, automatic monitoring is no longer triggered either so whenever I select a track now, I would have to click "monitor" again. This is particularly confusing if I switch between those modes.
I am asking for a split of the "Instrument input follows selection" option to make it act independently on the "arm" and "monitor" triggers.
The use case is this: I will often try out different things on my instrument tracks or just give myself reference notes for my singing. It often happenend that I accidentally recorded midi data on the instrument track I used to play alongside my vocal recording. That won't happen if I switch off the "Instrument input follows selection" option but then I will always have to click the monitor button for the instrument track I just selected.

Might be related or even the same as this:

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answered Aug 9 by ericthompson (830 points)
Using presonus studio one for live backing track, click track , and lighting via automation lanes (dmxis, or EMU) or a midi track.   Presonus could easily surpass other apps in this use if it would simply add an "input monitoring follows selection option".   We can use midi controller buttons to call a macro which finds and selects a particular track.  Say goodbye to mainstage.  we can setup synths and full channel effects for those synths and simply push a button on our midi controller and select a particuar synth (track) and monitor enable it without touching the computer.    Keyboard players would ditch mainstage in a heartbeat if they are already using studio one and are familiar with it.