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Templates, FX presets, instruments presets, recent song list gone....

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asked Mar 25, 2018 in Studio One 3 by adrianrojas (260 points)
I was in a session when my lights went out and my PC restarted. When i launched Studio one 3 i noticed my recent song list was empty. My picture was gone, everything was as if it was a new install. My folder is still there and i can access my songs, but the list is gone. Once i opened a session i noticed some instruments were missing. I managed to reinstall the instruments and get them working. So were my templates when i start a new song and all of the FX chains and instrument presets i had made are gone. Everything else is there, 3rd party plugins and their presets but not my studio one's. Is is there a way to get all my templates, FX chains, and instrument presets back? All the stock presets are there, but mine are all gone.

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