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closed [Completed 4.0] Any feature similar to Cubase's 'Chord Track' ?

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asked Dec 1, 2015 in Completed Feature Requests by russcript (190 points)
closed Sep 20, 2018 by PreSonuSupt4
I've moved from cubase to SO becouse I just couldn't take the interface any more.I love SO so far, but I'm really missing the chord track from cubase; Its really nice for a singer songwriter like me to be able to lay out the song even before tracking starts, and I can run a quick backup track off the midi output to start things off when songwriting/recording.It's very handy, and can really speed up the initial phase of a song for me.

I would actually be happy with just a quick way to enter chord symbols into the timeline so I can arrange/record on the fly, but the midi out is a nice touch for feeding arpeggiators and harmonizers, it just makes the whole song layout process much clearer.
closed with the note: Completed in 4.0:  Chord Track and Harmonic Editing