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Audiobox Usb headphones only playing back in mono

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asked Mar 29, 2018 in AudioBox USB by Jereme (160 points)
Hi, I am having a problem with my songs only playing in mono out when using my audio box usb.

However when I plug my boss GT-1 into the computer it plays back the songs nicely in stereo (which is what I want the Audio box to do too).

I am using the headphone jack output on Audiobox usb if that makes any difference.

I am using Studio 1 and the system is running on Windows 10 64 bit if that makes any difference.

any help would be nice, thanks.

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answered Apr 11, 2018 by ghasenbeck (355,710 points)
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Usually this is due to recording and or monitoring via a mono track inside of Studio One. You would need to use a " Y " cable to split the signal from the pedal into both inputs on the AudioBox as well as set up your tracks in Studio One to record in Stereo.