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Multi-Track over AVB on AI series

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asked Apr 5, 2018 in Ai Mixers by westridge (150 points)
I am looking to use the AI stage box for my mixer over AVB...My question is if I add a SW5E router to the AVB feed can I send multi-track over AVB for live streaming or editing the live feed from my mixer or stage box in the AI series?  I know the Series 3 gives that ability, but does the AI series also have that ability?  We can't upgrade to Series 3 due to needing more than 32 channels and we cascade our mixers.  We are adding a production room in a different room and running over AVB would be ideal for us instead of running an analog snake or Firewire.  If I was to add the router with a stage box & mixer would I have the ability of running multi-tracks over AVB if so how many channels?

Thanks...John Goebbel

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answered May 30, 2018 by benpierce (69,760 points)
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The AI consoles do not support multitrack recording over AVB. It is for control only.