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Can we get a better overall graphics look on the GUI ... colors , clairity, etc.

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asked Apr 5, 2018 in Look and Feel by donniecranfill (330 points)
Team Presonus:
I wanted to share a brief note with you ... I want to say thank you for the
crossgrade to SO3 Pro ... I am a Sonar refugee ... everyday I am enjoying
more and more this DAW ... it feels like you understand musicians and care
about what software is all about ... I just discovered your Symphonic
Orchestra Add On ... WOW ... amazing products you are developing ...

I would like to share a thought ... I hope you will give serious
consideration to get the GUI  (better graphics overall) of this software package as amazing as its
features and functions ... the DAW is off the charts great ... but I hope in
the near future you will design and interface that looks great like Sonar
and some other DAWs ... I hope you will take this as a wish, not a complaint
... I am very impressed with your company and products ... I am glad you are
here ... please say thank you to the team who does such a great job in
creating such a stellar DAW ...

Thank you ...

Donnie C ...

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answered Apr 11, 2018 by ghasenbeck (355,450 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Apr 12, 2018 by daniellesaux (2,540 points)
I also used to use Sonar and switched to Studio One. I personally like the look of Studio One. It's crisp, clean and intuitive. If you just switched, give it some time. The big difference is that Studio One has a flat graphics style while Sonar tried to be more 3D with more realistic looking knobs and faders. But it's also very buggy and crashed all the time. My vote is, don't change Studio One graphics and instead, spend that time improving the functionality of the DAW versus the look.
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answered Apr 30, 2018 by philangus (10,130 points)
I kind of agree, although I would not want to substitute crisper graphics over reliability. ProTools has a crisper look about it. I think to an extent, Studio One looks a bit like you are looking at it through a light mist! It has that old Logic Audio look about it, slightly quirky. I think the pallet used is a bit restrictive, and could make better use of the 32,000 color Windows pallet. It's rather like it's being colored with pastels!
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answered May 20, 2018 by chrisprovine (750 points)
I agree about the colors.  Just open up the pallet to us to do what we want.
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answered Mar 26, 2019 by xchrisxtopher (610 points)

Agreed! The color selection in Studio One 4 is pretty gaudy. Would love a more attractive color palette.

Also just saw the metering available in Capture. Can Studio One adopt the same style of metering?!

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answered Dec 13, 2019 by unitedmogulmediagroup (160 points)
Studio One needs to Update all of its Icons to look just as good or better than Protools so that this Daw is taken seriously. It's icons are similar to Mixbus and Reaper and I hate that. The icons look like a sixth grader had drawn them. The icons look toooooo playful and need to be as serious as the Daw is. Does anyone else agree????