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Can we have split to mono in a right click?

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asked Dec 18, 2017 in Editing by sebastianhartsfield (2,750 points)
One right click with split to mono under event category, making the mono split right there in the timeline with a lot less fuss?

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answered May 22, 2018 by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
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answered Dec 18, 2017 by jameslawrence (2,530 points)
This would be really helpful!!
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answered Jan 30, 2018 by neiljordan1 (18,390 points)

Would love to see this, and the same for merge to stereo if 2 mono events are selected.

On a related topic, I would also like to see it available from the Pool tab of the Browser. Please vote for that here if you agree!

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answered Apr 3, 2018 by robertgray3 (42,650 points)
Had to do this for the first time recently, was surprised it is so complex in S1. The first video I found on it was 4:00 long! Ideally it should be 4 seconds :D
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answered May 13, 2018 by torstenlang (720 points)
I would also find it cool if this was possible by just dragging the stereo event to mono tracks, automatically making two events out of it and vice versa. AND this without actually creating/rendering new files for it if possible
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answered May 29, 2018 by gottfriedbergmair (16,450 points)
I agree with this, but there is already a FR:

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answered Sep 29, 2023 by frankhinrichs (150 points)
Would come handy