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Change management

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asked Apr 6, 2018 in Studio One 3 by mauroiuliano (3,650 points)
Change management. Resign and have everybody home.

S1 has become a joke, incapable of keeping itself innovative as it used to be, Presonus, is now only thinking to bring out, like freshly baked bread, interfaces on interfaces, consoles and controllers (this is typical of small unreliable companies) leaving more than a doubt that is not seriously working on S1 anymore. All the last updates have not been for studio one users, but only to implement those new toys, or catch other Daw users. While, all the bugs, absurd behaviour and requested implementations, stay still there for years . And when they, with a new release claim some problem solved, they are either bugs that nobody experience, or they are not solved at all: see the melodyne crash that keeps making S1 users crazy.

The path the company has taken reminds a lot of the logic when bought by apple (which I used to use and love). Soon, I won't be their user anymore.

Everybody vote for the management home!

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answered Apr 6, 2018 by robertgray3 (42,610 points)
I’m only a recent adopter of Studio One but I was watching some Studio One tutorials and was surprised by how many big features that I use every day were added within the last two years or less. So I think you may be overlooking the features other people wanted for the features you wanted. So far I’ve been happy with PreSonus... It does suck when you feel that a company’s development path doesn’t match the work you do but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad company.
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answered Apr 7, 2018 by AAV (1,420 points)
There's a lot to be said for keeping an eye on the big picture (DAW robustness/performance) along with careful implementation of features as well. Studio One's performance (cpu utilization, efficiency) is the best out there in my experience. (The Reaper advocates will no doubt point to Reaper but in my head-to-head comparisons, S1 is far more efficient and allows more tracks/effects at lower buffer settings than Reaper before I get crackles).

If a DAW becomes too feature rich at the expense of performance, nobody will use it - including you. S1 has come a long way, and is continuing on a great path. The developers have been pretty cognizant of the need to satisfy both requirements, IMO.