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Folder Tracks like Logic Summing Stack

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asked Apr 7 in Mixing by aidanbrock (210 points)
I would love to see the folder tracks also be reflected in the mixer section when packing a folder like is the case in Logic X. Having a feature where the folder covers both mixer and arrange window and can have effects on them like Logic's summing stacks would be incredibly useful and is the only thing keeping me from mixing in Studio One more. If that feature was implemented, combined with the multi-layer folders, organising mixes would be miles easier.

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answered Apr 13 by AlexTinsley (695,200 points)
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answered May 4 by pellefridell (2,310 points)


Is this not already implemented? 

I use this all the time:

In the session view "Pack Folder"/ "Add Bus Channel"

Best regards, Pelle