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How to open multiple windows in UC Surface?

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asked Apr 11 in StudioLive Series III by curtiscampbell2 (240 points)
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I watched the video about the new features in UC Surface. It states that when "sync select" is turned on, you can have multiple screens open at once. I can't seem to make that happen for me. What am I missing? Surely there is a way to show multiple screens.

StudioLive 24R

Win 10

I7 Quad Core

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answered Apr 13 by curtiscampbell2 (240 points)
Why no answers? This seems like such an easy one. Does it or doesn't it?
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answered Jun 22 by benpierce (70,360 points)
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I think this is just a misunderstanding. You can have UC screens open on multiple devices simultaneously. Sync select just means, when you select a channel on one device (PC, iPad, console, etc...), it selects everywhere.