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Studio monitors or stereo speakers with Audiobox USB <suggestionso

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asked Apr 13, 2018 in AudioBox USB by chrislambright (150 points)
My question is essentially about buying studio monitors to be used with my Audiobox USB 2x2...though I also wondoer if there is a case to be made for simply buying some stereo speakers and using them? I admit I'm relatively new to the home studio thing so I'm open to suggestions and advice.

Also, the Audiobox USB has 1/4" output jacks in the back, so do I need to look for monitors with the same input jacks, or if I found monitors that had XLR inputs could I use a 1/4"-to-XLR cable and be better off? How about passive or active monitors...does it matter for basic home studios?

I'm using Windows 10 on my own home-built systems with older ones having a minimum 4gb ram and the better ones for editing having up to 32gb (this may relate to the next para.) The Audiobox USB is being used with a Nektar keyboard, and having tried it so far with headphones I've been very happy. I generally make sure I have the latest drivers.

That said, one off topic question I'll throw in: I've noticed that depending on the type of music or instrument, once in a while I'll get dropouts...the annoying breaks or crackles that I'm presuming are due to some latency in the computer system I was running the DAW on (Presonus Studio 2.6 cd that came with the purchase.) So, I'm curious what I need to do to guarantee I never have dropouts.


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answered Apr 13, 2018 by AlexTinsley (924,360 points)
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Do not plug the output of your Audiobox into your stereo, the impedance mismatch will harm either / both the output of the audiobox as well as the input circuit to your stereo. Even if you got it to work, the risk for harmonic distortion is high, adjusting your volume levels will never quite sound right.

Your best option is to use Studio Monitors such as Eris E3.5's or bigger, and a pair of quality Studio Headphones like PreSonus HD-7's or other.