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Adjustable Scaling Resolution for Automation [Volume]

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asked Apr 25 in Editing by gottfriedbergmair (7,820 points)

FR for advanced scaling resolution options when working with automation.

A scaling option for volume automation (and maybe for other automation parameters) would be a really useful feature! There is currently no way to change or increase the scaling resolution and making finer adjustments within a better resolution view (e.g. in a range only from 0dB ... 10dB). An additional reference line used for a parameter specific baseline would also be helpful. (The new reference line could be dragged with the mouse from the initial scale line). Finally adding a scale selector from which you can choose a Decibel db or Percent % diagram scale, would make sense. For some automation parameters, a linear/log scale option would be a great extension.

Volume Automation example


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answered Apr 26 by AlexTinsley (696,590 points)
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