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Plugin folders on insert

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asked Apr 26, 2018 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by cjb2293 (1,050 points)
As of late i've been adding lots of 3rd party plugins to studio one and I am always overly disappointed by how inefficient it is to insert them in the mix window.

Sure the native plugins with studio one are organized at the top, but with other plugins making an extensive list below it gets a little messy and adds a lot of time to find what I want. Ideally it would be nice to have the function to create custom folders in the insert window so that i could organize my plugins by manufacturer / type / etc. just like i can in the browser window.

Anyone else feeling this or is it just me?

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answered Apr 26, 2018 by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
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answered Apr 27, 2018 by philangus (10,130 points)
Not completely following you here. When I click on the '+' for inserts I see the same options as shown in the browser window. The only difference that I can see is there is no 'manage plugins' spanner. That makes sense to me though because that tool also relates to instruments which is not applicable in the track inserts view. I make good use of the favorites folder, but I do follow your logic in being able to create folders with a custom name. The issue that I can think of though is that the folders are automatically found by virtue of the fact that plugins have been installed, so I can envisage issues where these links could get broken if moving things around, (bit I could be wrong).
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answered May 12, 2018 by cristianomello (640 points)
I think what you want to say is that would be nice to mark plugins as favorites and have them located on top of the list?