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"nice to haves" plugin slots in mixer section

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asked Jun 3, 2019 in Mixing by franciscopizarro (230 points)

I won't by any chance move to any other daw just because of this, but I'd love to have a nice way to structure the plugin order in my mixer with my plugins just look at this 2 images: 

I think that the way Pro Tools structures ( I KNOW ITS PICKY BUT HEAR ME ) plugins its very intuitive while in SO4 as soon as you delete one, everything starts to get/look messy

I think it would be a great addition to the SO4 arsenal to fit anyone's profile of perfect DAW, personally I'd love to organize my inserts and sends the way PT does. this could be a "option" more than a feature !


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answered Jan 22, 2020 by shanepayne1 (3,770 points)
I agree. In my pro tools template, I skip slots so I can add more inserts without having to manually reorder them. I also LOVE being able to HIDE the second set of 5 inserts (& same for the Sends).

Having multiple DIRECT outs similar to Cubase could be useful as well. & a little more flexibility with the routing similar to pro tools (So you don't' have to necessarily have a "Group track" in order to set up something like a "Dead end output".
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answered Jan 22, 2020 by gianpaolopizziol (2,110 points)

As a former Cubase user, I preffered that Inserts AND Sends had predifined slots.

Side note - I'm always adjusting the send divider as some channels get misalligned (one send is higher than the other). Although minor, it's something I'm always doing which I'd rather not be. Hope this can be addressed.
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answered Jan 25, 2022 by mikesupina (6,300 points)

YES!!! +1000!!!!!! laugh

Coming from Pro Tools, this is a very nice feature to have for visual organization! I know that Logic Pro X implements this as well! In Logic, you don't see "slots", however, the plugins can be organized in rows with space in between. VERY handy feature for mixing! smiley

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answered Oct 26, 2022 by webhamster (1,760 points)
It's a shame that there are so many different request for this. Very handy, but the developers won't see it, since each question only has a few upvotes.