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RM32ai lost connection to uc surface during live show....

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asked Apr 29, 2018 in Ai Mixers by timlunceford (180 points)
recategorized May 1, 2018 by timlunceford
So we had a show on Friday and several times during the show the system lost connection to the uc surface mixer running our front of house mix.  This caused me to have to reboot the system during the show several times. What I am wondering is if having the voltage fluctuate throughout the show contributed to the instability of the rm32ai.  Any help is appreciated.

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answered Apr 30, 2018 by AlexTinsley (901,880 points)
selected May 1, 2018 by timlunceford
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The RM32Ai power is rated from 100v to 240v AC, however brown-outs / voltage drops below 100v may cause the mixer to go offline. It's always a good idea to have a Power Conditioner combined with a UPS in your travel rack to ensure that you have a clean sinewave at the voltage you need.
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answered May 1, 2018 by jonathanbeverly1 (460 points)

1. Was you using a Laptop or tablet?