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Bounce options

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asked Nov 16, 2022 in Recording by mikesupina (6,300 points)
I would love it if there were options for the bouncing. Right now, if you bounce a track, it bounces at whatever bit rate you previously used. Furthermore, if you bounce a track, it creates a "Bounces" folder automatically. It would be cool if there was an option for "Bounced files go to Media folder", OR "auto create folder for bounces" for those who like that current option. I personally find it annoying, wasteful, and bad for organization. You only need one Media folder for all of your working files.

For example, if I just want to clean up my session and consolidate my audio files, it just puts them in a "bounces" folder at whatever your last Mix down settings were without giving you any options. This is super annoying. Everything should just stay automatically in the Media folder as far as bounces or consolidating goes, or at least have an option to keep them in the Media folder.

Now, for the Mix downs??? That's awesome! I love that it creates a new folder for mix downs so you can easily find them fast. That's logical. However, if I'm just cleaning up a session, I don't want my session to have two different folders for "Media" and "Bounces" when the session is using all of those files any way. It's redundant and cluttered.

Please consider streamlining it, or at least give the option to have bounced files go to the media folder of the song with available settings for the bounced files (for example, have bounced files bounce by default at the same sample rate and bit depth as the record settings, and if you need to change them, then you can do so). Just less to think about.

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