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Every time I try and use universal control it cuts out the audio playing in Studio One 3.

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asked May 5, 2018 in Studio One 3 by denial repeater (180 points)
My audio cuts out if I use Universal control, Internet or any other software, I use a Studio 192 soundcard, I have release audio in background checked and I have turned of all other sound devices using the grey speaker icon in the "Tray" by checking off "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device.

My drivers were updated this morning for Universal control, so it won't be the drivers I shouldn't think.

I ran Bitwig and the Studio 192 without any problems for a little while without any problems then the same problem occurred.

It has become rather tiresome trying to work this out reading forums answers to no avail.

Windows 10, 64gig Ram, 4770K

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