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BUG REPORT - Exported mix dont have any BUS automation in it that i made!

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asked May 7 in Studio One 3 by stefanblabensteiner (750 points)
is it normal that for example bus automations are getting ignored when exporting a mix? always have it but found a workaround for now: export realtime -> all automations are there.

as you all know most of the pro enigneers out there dont have time to export every finished mix in realtime so please fix that problem to have all automations also in offline export. thank you very much

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answered May 7 by robertgray3 (17,200 points)
Probably report this on the support ticket area (Presonus knowledge base) and the community support forum. Last I heard they’re still working on figuring out why this is happening to some people so every bit of input counts