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How to add Unison Midi Chord pack to Studio one

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asked May 7 in Studio One 3 by johndayton (150 points)
Newbie here...............still amazed at all the stuff I don't know. I bought and downloaded the Unison Midi Chord pack. There was no setup at all. I contacted Unison and got the answer.............extract the files and put them into your sample file. I( have been unable to find a sample file. I did try the drag and drop into the loops area but all 1500 files were incomplete.

Anyone out there have an answer to this


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answered May 8 by PreSonuSupt4 (198,800 points)
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It looks like they're just plain MIDI files so just put them in a folder on your hard drive and drag them in to use them from the File browser.

You should probably make a tab for their folder with New Tab From Here to make them faster to access.