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Reported problems with S1 crashing when opening Projects, particularly on Mac, anyone with details when this occurs

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asked May 9 in Studio One 3 by nickcritchley (160 points)
These problems have been reported a number of time on the Facebook sites, we need information to verify and investigate the cause.

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answered Jun 15 by brianmeisner1 (165,530 points)
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Hi Nick,

You may want to open Studio One and go into Studio One>Preferences>Advanced>Services on your machine.  You can then disable ARA (Melodyne), VST2.4, VST3, AU, and ReWire.  You can then try to open your file.  If it opens, you will want to turn those services back on, one at a time.  Once you have identified the service type that is causing the problem, try disabling plug-ins in your project until you identify the one that is causing the issue.  You can then contact the manufacturer of that plug-in for information on updates, installation tips, known issues, and compatibility.  If you get stuck, please feel free to submit a support ticket under your account and attach a crash report.