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Serious crashing and freezing problems in Studio One

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asked Sep 9, 2017 in Studio One 3 by jirinovotny (170 points)


I'm having huge issues working with busier/larger projects in Studio One because of freezes and crashes.

The most serious issue is as follows -

If I'm working on a larger project I reach a point where the project freezes. I can move my cursor and click on things on my screen, I however can't play, stop or record. This is accompanied by a loud stuttering sound. It sounds like this

This is not a random glitch. Once this problem appears It happens in exactly the same spot in this project every time. For example bar number 85 will from now on always trigger this.
I originally thought that this was caused by a faulty 3rd party plugin.

If I go through the project switching off all plugins one by one at some point I will find the one that is causing the issue (this process takes a long time, constantly restarting the program after freezes). Most often the problem plugin is a native PreSonus 'Sample One' plugin. However sometimes this can happen with 3rd party plugins also.

On top of this, approximately every 4th startup of a busy project will start with a 100% CPU usage even though the project should comfortably be under 40%. This sometimes requires 2-3 restarts of Studio One to fix.

I have experienced these issues on both of my computers (Laptop and a desktop PC). I do not experience these issues in other DAWs (Reaper, Ableton, Cubase)

The combination of these issues basically makes Studio One unusable for me which is incredibly frustrating as you can imagine. Especially since I really like the software and have been planning to buy Fader Port 8 and dive deeper into the PreSonus universe.

My setup is

64bit Studio One, 3.5.1 Professoinal
UAD Apollo Twin (USB)
i7-7700k – 4.2Ghz

64bit Win10 Professional

Do any of you have experience with these issues and potentially fixing them?



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answered Sep 14, 2017 by tombaustian2 (140 points)
Hey Jiri,

I'm Not really having an answer to your question, But i have the same problem with the cpu stuff. I got the Slate Everything Bundle a week ago and a few days ago i started mixing a Session with 50 Tracks with just about 20 Slate plugins first and my CPU suddenly was at 100% and i'm trying fixing it for 3 days now.

Have you already found a way to fix this Problem?


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answered Sep 25, 2017 by andelkonaceta-susic (180 points)
Hi guys,

I have the same using

iMac Core i7 3.4 Ghz- 32 GB 1600 DDR 3, Apollo Twin Duo

No problems ever in Logic Pro X

Trying it out to see if I could go full on PreSonus with a SL 16 and Studio One.

These crashes are really scaring me off. Hope there is a solution.



PS I also have artifacts when printing and the instance is crashing everytime before it finishes.
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answered Oct 1, 2017 by jwh123 (160 points)
Hey people same issue here.... Makes mixing the track extremely difficult. Can't believe there has been no answer or advice on things to check on this??? It can't be that we all have faulty ram issues. Its got to be something on studio one v3 side of plugins.
Anyways hopefully someome from presonus answers soon.
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answered Oct 29, 2017 by reyvelaz (150 points)
I have the same problem. I tried everything and nothing works.
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answered Nov 8, 2017 by benjamintaylor1 (150 points)
same here.  I use Artist so I was figuring that it was that they made it cheap on purpose.  screw it, im getting ableton
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answered Dec 3, 2017 by jbandes (230 points)
I am using Studio One 3 and recording very long Reel to Reel Tapes in 96KHz at 24 bit. It records fine and then I start adding VST plugins (Both VST3 and VST2) from various vendors Waves, Fabfilter etc. Suddenly the whole session freezes solid. Upon reboot I sometimes cant even remove the VST's without stopping the service first. I have also observed when I launch the program that the plugin does not display correctly and then again it freezes. I am on the latest version of Personus Studio One 3 Professional. I exported the WAV file and imported it in to Pro Tools and no problem. I hate Pro Tools so I hope they can fix this soon. Its driving me crazy.