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Anyone else noticing more crashing with the latest Studio One update (

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asked Feb 3 in Studio One 4 by maximilliankeene (910 points)
I'm getting a bunch more crashes since the latest update of s1 pro  I had to go back to the previous version.  Super annoying to keep losing work.  Anyone else having problems?

I'm on Mac (late 2013 Mac Pro) OS 10.14.6

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answered Feb 4 by aka_busker (2,750 points)
What are you doing when it (studio one v4 build 4.6) crashes?  Are you browsing files, dropping instruments, adding plug ins to tracks?

I don't want to presume, but if it's when using the browser, then it's a known bug (according to support) in build 4.6xx and is resolved by rolling back to a previous version like 4.5xxx.  The techs know and are working on it is what I heard last, a few weeks back.  

If that isn't how it's happening, a few more details as to what actions you take that causes the crash will help others to help you.

I hope that helps.
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answered Feb 4 by maximilliankeene (910 points)
I'm still using 4.6 just the version before this latest update and that ones working fine.  

Its been happening when editing and adding plugins.  At least thats what I've noticed most.  Thanks for your answer - I didn't know about the browser bug but I'm happy they're working on it.
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answered Feb 5 by lewpshekla (1,970 points)
Yes same Issues, when editing and loading plugins, saving while playing, not always but random times. Browser is broken for sure. & still a number of graphical glitches. Windows 7 SP1 16GB ram system
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answered Feb 5 by justinrodgers2 (180 points)
Mine won't even start up. gets to the medolyne integration process and turns off
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answered Feb 6 by lewpshekla (1,970 points)
Speaking of crashes, I've been experiencing quite a few lately, most while loading/creating songs from templates. I'm on a PC Windows 7 SP1.

And my Komplete Kontrol disconnects regularly, losing control of VIs and S1. Also Atom and my faderport loses connection. In the middle of sessions. Faderport & atom does not do this in any other daw I’ve tested. It’s a s1 problem since 4.6 update.
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answered Feb 6 by robertgray3 (31,810 points)
I’m pretty sure that Komplete Kontrol thing is a NI issue, file a ticket there. I filed a ticket with them too, they pay more attention when multiple people bring it up.

I think Komplete Kontrol is ******** up the DAW control script, deleting it, then resetting the midi engine which causes the other devices to temporarily be disconnected.

I say that because on their website I’ve seen that same issue in multiple DAWs at different times. Seems they fix it in one then it comes up in another.
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answered Feb 7 by mendyka (250 points)
Same... since latest update, S1 Pro has multiple issues!  It crashes on opening, freezes when exiting Studio One... lots of glitches.
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answered Feb 7 by mciv (980 points)
It crashes when trying to change tempo in brand new scratchpad
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answered Feb 7 by dominicklareu (190 points)
edited Feb 8 by dominicklareu


I have isolated one problem. 

Step to reproduce: 

1- I had an audio track with multiple sections in it and multiples vst added to the track. 

2- I transformed this track to audio - to merge everything and save CPU power  

3- I had to go back to the original audio so did the inverse process ad transfer back the audio track to it's original state.

4- The files created from the reverse conversion were multiples short clip overlapping each other on the same track. I did not notice at first. This track was causing S1 to crash. So I carefully cleaned the audio track of all the small duplicates overlapping each other and the crashes are gone...

Conclusion: many audio clips overlapping each other on one audio track will make S1 4.61 crash.


Original Message****

Same here,

I took an great deal of time creating a project template with complexe routing (Buses, effects sends, VCAs...) And I can't use it! I have started a new song using my template and it crashes every minute or so... I'm trying to go here:

To revert to and older version of S1 but the link os offline...

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answered Feb 8 by robertgray3 (31,810 points)
Hey dominick if you find me on the forums and PM me that template i'll try to forward it to someone at Presonus who can take a look at it
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answered Feb 9 by lewpshekla (1,970 points)
Good day!!! The dreaded 666 on my master bus meters is back,I’m getting this to at random times, random plugins I got to bypass all plugins until I find which one is causing the issue or restart and it’s working again. S1 is broken from 4.6 onwards. Windows 7 SP1 16GB i5 Skylake set up. I’m gutted and maybe need to upgrade my os. Or go back a few versions. Usually s1 runs silky smooth on my system  but these last updates something is up. I have not installed anything new other than the latest s1 update.