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Pattern mode accent setting seems to have no effect

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asked May 26, 2018 in Studio One 4 by bobrichard (790 points)
I can't make the Accent setting in the pattern editor do anything. As I change the percentage from 5% to 80% (the whole range), there is no audible effect on playback. If I convert the pattern to an instrument part, I can manually edit the velocities there, but not in the pattern editor.

I'm obviously missing something. The manual says that "Accent sets the amount of emphasis placed on Accented notes. Defaults to 30%. As values increase, the effects of Accent increase." The manual entry for time signature refers to the metronome but not to the pattern editor. I tried playing with the accent settings in the metronome, and that has no effect on patterns.

Thanks in advance to anybody who knows where I should look for this.

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answered May 26, 2018 by bobrichard (790 points)
Never mind. I found the answer here:

I don't believe this is in any Presonus documentation.