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asked May 25, 2018 in Patterns by trailibraimi (360 points)
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1. Instead of Orange Step Seq. a Change in Color depending on Velocity (Low Blue High Velocity Red) Like the regular Drum Editor

2. Upper Menu in Pattern Mode: Steps is allready there BUT....

Reso,Swing,Gate, Accent is not available per Pad/Sound

additional: time Shifting in small increments per pad (Like MPC 2.0 Time Correct Window)

3. Deleting Pattern in arrangement window does delete also patterns in Variations window...should NOT DO THAT

4.Repeat Feature needs Quarter, Triplet, Dotted increments not just 1-10 repeats

5. Holding ALT-KEY while drawing an Step should give Velocity When moving the Mouse Up or Down (Same for Lentgh with ohter Mod. Key) Like holding Shift Key in the Normal Paino Roll does

6.Below the IMPACT XT Waveform Display...are < and > arrows load previous load next sample...THOSE should be also visible in the pattern mode beside the SAMPLE NAME C1 changeing samples does not need opening or highlighting IMPACT window

7.When Combining 2 Pattern Variations in Arrangement  , the Step Seq. is becoming an regular Drum Editor...?

What do you guys think of these ideas ?


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answered May 25, 2018 by Funkybot (21,270 points)
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I think you should split these out into multiple requests. This is too broad for a single FR IMO.
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answered May 31, 2018 by tarsonis (3,180 points)
Although I gave an Upvote and I contradict with #1 request for colored pads. With a busy pattern its gets clutterd to the eyes to see the "drum code". The velocity part on the bottom is enough for my opinion. Easy for the eye is not the first best characteristic of S1.
commented Jan 8 by arndkaiser (2,060 points)
Please split these into separate posts with ONE request each, otherwise it's impossible to vote or rank by feature. Thank you!
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answered Mar 14 by (1,090 points)
I would really like to see options for patterns of up to 32 bars. Doing so would reduce the repetitious nature of loop based editing/recording.