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192Khz Option card for RM

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asked Dec 4, 2015 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by computerguylouisville (260 points)
Would it be possible to make an option card for RM series to do 192khz on USB 3.0 or is the A/D conversion done elsewhere in the mixer?

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answered Dec 7, 2015 by matthewgorman (51,820 points)
selected Dec 22, 2015 by ghasenbeck
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Not possible currently. A/D is done in the mixer. 192 would take considerable processing, which would take away existing features.


Keep in mind that the RM mixers are primarily designed for live, and there hasn't been a real push from the users to develop in that area. If you are primarily in studio with your application, that was the purpose of the studio 192.
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answered Dec 7, 2015 by computerguylouisville (260 points)
I wasn't sure if the A/D conversion happened in the mixer or on the option card, if it's in the mixer, clearly it's not possible.  However if the A/D was taking place on the option card, then it would be possible.  I do live sound, live recording, and studio work using my RM, prior to that I had the AudioBox 1818VSL, Digimax D8, and a two channel tube preamp from ART that transferred over SPDIF.  The main problem I ran into was not being able to find quality BNC T Adapters, which led to clock sync drops at times.  I switched to the RM specifically to have all of my inputs in one box, no sync cables or fiber optics that can jitter around when sound vibrations are introduced.  The RM recording at 96Khz is already awesome, but I also have a small interface that does 192, and there is an audible difference in the clarity from 96 to 192 to my ears.  Again, if the A/D conversion is happening inside the mixer at each channel instead of on the option card, the point was mute to begin with.