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Horizontal zoom and scroll on Studio One macOS

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asked Jun 18 in Studio One 3 by dennyhan (220 points)
Hi all,

I recently moved from Windows 10 to macOS High Sierra.

On Windows I used to use "ctrl + shift + mouse wheel" to zoom in/out horizontally and use "shift + mouse wheel" to scroll horizontally, but I can't seem to find equivalent use on the mac version.

Is there anyone knows how to do these using mouse wheel? Thanks a lot!

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answered Jun 19 by vasilykorytov (6,370 points)
get a mouse/trackpad that has the horizontal scroll (like apple ones). this will easen your macos experience, not only the S1 one.

zoom in/out vertically seems to be assigned to keys (shift+e, shift+w in default keymap), not mouse (although, you can select the track size with mouse from the menu just below you tracks).
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answered Jun 21 by dennyhan (220 points)
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Ok. After the hint that this might be an issue related to the mouse, instead of the keyboard, I googled and found some threads talking about Logitech software might have something to do with the issue.

So I removed Logitech Option and now it works, both scroll and zoom in/out!

Just to keep in mind that if you use advanced mouse models that need Logitech software to configure, then this might be an issue.

Thank you folks for providing me with the feedback so I can finally resolve this issue.