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Shift+Mouse Wheel for Horizontal Scroll on Mac

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asked Sep 6, 2022 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by marcpeiron (760 points)
On Windows, I was always using the shift + mouse wheel to scroll horizontally in the edit view but when I switched to Mac I realised this was not working anymore. It would be nice to have it on Mac as well. I would also like to use the wheel buttons my Logitec mouse has, but they are too slow. So whether bring shift+scroll or improve the speed of the mouse buttons. Thanks!

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answered Mar 6 by MarciaFunebre (760 points)
You have to un-install the Logitech software as it is in conflict with Studio One. Instead you can use other apps to customize the mouse features on your Logitech mouse such as Steermouse.

The underlying issue needs to be addressed between Logitech and Presonus.
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answered Oct 26 by patrykdrozd (160 points)
It's not Logitech fault because every app that make scrolling smooth make the same problem with only studio one. Reaper have no problem with that and all non apple software I use. So I I think it's on persons side